Welcome to St. Mary School! St. Mary School is a community of students, parents, staff and clergy working together to provide a parochial education in the Catholic tradition. We serve families of varied ethnic, social and economic backgrounds who desire a rich, Catholic education.Parents are the primary educators of their children. They work cooperatively with the school to achieve spiritual growth and academic excellence. The faculty and clergy share with the parents the educational mission of the church. Together, we teach the beliefs of the Catholic faith, build and live as a Christian community and serve one another.Every person is unique, therefore we provide an educational environment that fosters respect for each individual. Through a variety of teaching methods, we cultivate a setting that enables each child to achieve his or her potential, both spiritually and intellectually.Saint Mary School continually strives for excellence by providing the best possible education for our students. We do so by developing the knowledge, attitudes and skills essential for a well-informed, Christ-centered life.

Blended Learning

St. Mary School on Blended Learning

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What is Blended Learning, the Station Rotation Model and why the change in our instructional strategy?

Blended Learning is an innovative educational approach that blends individualized, online learning, teacher-led classroom instruction, and collaborative student-led activities. Blended Learning follows the Station Rotation approach, where instruction is delivered via three main stations: (1) traditional teacher-led instruction, (2) collaborative small group activities, and (3) individualized computer and online instruction and assessment using our iPads.

St. Mary’s School launches Blended Learning

ESCONDIDO, CA – August 12, 2015 – St. Mary’s School is excited to announce the launch of our new Blended Learning program starting with the 2015-2016 school year.

Blended Learning is an innovative, educational approach that blends individualized, online learning, teacher-led classroom instruction, and collaborative student-led activities. With this new format, teachers will have the ability to tailor instruction to the individual needs of each student.

Blended Learning follows the Station Rotation model, which means students will receive direct, small group instruction from the teachers, personalized drills and assessments via iPads, and will collaborate with fellow students in small group learning activities. Students will have more opportunities to ask direct questions of teachers and teachers will have the capability of driving instruction based on immediate feedback from online assessments of students.

St. Mary’s School, founded in 1950, educates preschoolers through 8th graders in the Catholic tradition. We offer our students the opportunity to encounter Christ through the ministry of education, we strive for academic excellence, and we promote the Gospel message to mission in a spirit of service to all peoples.

St. Mary’s School has immediate openings in all grades. For more information about St. Mary’s School and admission, please contact the school at (760) 743-3431.

For more information about Blended Learning, visit www.edutopia.org/blogs/tag/blended-learning.

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