Schoolwide Learning Expectations

 St. Mary students carry the CROSS with them always. Our graduates are:

 Catholics who…

  • live the Ten Commandments through their actions and words.
  • participate reverently in the Mass and other religious services.
  • pray in various forms.
  • treat others with respect, kindness and love.

 Responsible Citizens who…

  • show respect for the earth God gave us.
  • participate in and reflect on service opportunities.
  • demonstrate problem solving skills.
  • read about and discuss current events.

 Outstanding Lifelong Learners who…

  • are well-rounded and versed in all subject areas.
  • use organizational tools to facilitate learning.
  • demonstrate continuous effort independently and in groups.
  • utilize technology responsibly.

 Self-aware Individuals who…

  • identify the feelings of self and others.
  • demonstrate responsibility through their work, attitude and behavior.
  • exhibit a healthy lifestyle.
  • interact with both peers and adults in a correct manner.

 Strong Communicators who…

  • communicate ideas clearly and utilize critical thinking skills verbally and in writing.
  • exhibit public speaking skills.
  • value the ideas and opinions of others in word and action.
  • share the teachings of Jesus with others.