Dinosaur Report

2nd Grade Dinosaur Report
As part of our 4th quarter curriculum, we will be learning about dinosaurs, visiting the Paleontology Museum, and writing dinosaur reports. The following is a list of guidelines and due dates for the dinosaur report.

Guidelines and Due Dates
April 23rd Choose a dinosaur. Write down the name of your dinosaur and turn in. (5 points)
April 30th Bring in at least two references (books, magazines, internet articles, etc.) (10 points)
May 8th Rough Draft (at least 10 sentences, handwritten) (10 points)
May 8th -May 10th Peer Editing in class (5 points)
May 14th Final Draft due (at least 10 sentences, handwritten in your best writing, must include at least one picture that you have drawn) (20 points)
May 14th-May 15th Oral Report~ Bring in at least one visual aide to share with the class (i.e. a model you have created) (10 points)

Due April 23rd


The dinosaur I would like to do a report on is:

Due April 30th




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