Academic Decathlon

Thanksgiving Break Homework:

Due Friday, December 2nd.

Read An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

Make flashcards, notes, or Quizlet study set for the following argument philosophies:

Slippery slope

Affirming the consequent

Appeal to hypocrisy



Ad hominem

Faulty cause/Effect

False dilemma

Appeal to fear

Two wrongs make a right

Red Herring/Obfuscation

Straw man



Appeal to ignorance

Guilt by association

Appeal to authority


We are very excited to be training students in 6th through 8th grade to compete in this year’s Catholic Schools Academic Junior High Decathlon.

The Academic Junior High Decathlon is held in March. There are ten events. Two are collaborative team efforts – a logic quiz with 20 rigorous thinking problems, and a super quiz with 50 multiple choice questions on five broad academic themes. The remaining eight events test individual knowledge of the Roman Catholic doctrine, English, Literature, Science, Mathematics, Current Events, Social Studies, and Fine Arts (Art and Music). Awards are given for individual and team performance, and the winning school team from each geographic diocese competes in a national championship.